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S E Dollen LLC is the swimming pool electrician residents, and local businesses turn to for help inspecting, installing, repairing, and maintaining the wired system that powers your pool’s lights, heating, hydro jets, and more. We’re licensed and fully insured technicians who go the extra mile to ensure your pool is safe, fully powered, and ready to enjoy.

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What Do Swimming Pool Electricians Do?

Our swimming pool electricians are skilled technicians who specialize in the electrical components that keep pools operating smoothly. Our key responsibilities include installing, maintaining, and repairing various systems, including lighting, automated systems, hydro jets, and heaters. We work diligently to ensure all electrical connections are safe, waterproof, and compliant with local codes and regulations.

A vital part of our role is troubleshooting electrical malfunctions and performing regular maintenance checks to prevent potential hazards or downtime. Beyond technical expertise, our job requires a deep understanding of water chemistry and its interaction with electrical systems to maintain a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.

Our electricians play a crucial role in commercial and residential settings, providing an essential service that allows swimmers to enjoy a safe aquatic experience.

What Are Some Common Signs Your Pool’s Electrical Systems Need Repairs?

Recognizing the signs that your pool’s electrical systems require repairs is crucial for the safety and longevity of your swimming area. One clear indicator is frequent circuit breaker tripping, which suggests an overload or fault in the system. When you notice lights flickering or failing to illuminate in and around your pool, this could point to a failing transformer or loose wiring.

A burnt smell near electrical components is also a telltale sign of overheating and potential fire risk. Should you feel a tingling sensation upon touching the pool’s ladder or other metal parts, it’s possible there’s a stray voltage issue that demands immediate attention.

How Often Should Your Pool Wiring Be Inspected for Safety?

The electrical components of your swimming pool, including its wiring, are critical to ensuring both functionality and safety. Pool wiring inspections are imperative since these systems are constantly exposed to water, chemicals, and elements, all of which can accelerate wear and lead to potential hazards.

Experts recommend that pool wiring be thoroughly inspected at least every year by a qualified electrician specializing in pool and spa wiring. It’s wise to have an inspection when your pool has undergone significant repairs or if you’ve noticed any unusual electrical activity.

S E Dollen LLC’s Pool Electrical Services

Whenever you need pool electrical services, look to S E Dollen LLC’s licensed technicians.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Pool power supply installation and repairs
  • Pool lighting installation, repairs, and upgrades
  • Pool automation services
  • Pool heating installation and repairs
  • Pool wiring and rewiring services

Call Us for Prompt Service When You Need Pool Electrical Installation and Repairs

S E Dollen LLC knows you’re expecting prompt service when you call for pool electrical installation and repairs, and that’s what we deliver. We’re here to support you when you have questions and concerns about pool wiring and electrical systems, with a full suite of tools and expertise to help you resolve electrical problems with pools of all types.

We work on above-ground and inground pool systems. Call us at (407) 656-5818 for timely service and detailed estimates that cover the full scope of work required.

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